Avsändare: Austin Community Access Television (usafeedback@hotmail.com)


Austin community access är en icke-komersiell organisation i Austin, Texas som härmed inbjuder lokal-tv:n i Finland att bidra med program som kommer att visas i deras program "Unlimited Access Variety". Reklam kommer inte att sändas mellan programmen endast "public service announcements".

Enligt uppgift kommer inte ev. insända produktioner att visas någon annanstans än deras egna kanal.

Möjlighet till konvertering PAL-NTSC innehas inte av organisationen ännu, men lär skall vara på gång snart.

Om någon har något lämpligt program liggande i hyllan som de vill erbjuda våra kollegor "over there" så slå till !

Regler & övrig info finns på: http://members.xoom.com/accessworld/acac.html

Och deras hemsida på: http://members.xoom.com/accessworld

Informationen i sin helhet följer nedan:


*** Attention All Access Television Producers ***

Unlimited Access Variety is a public access show in Austin, Texas dedicated to providing sponsorship for Access Television Producers. Viewed on Austin Community Television, it has the potential of reaching 1 million Austin Metroplex viewers and countless others nationwide. The Unlimited Access Variety Production Company is proud to sponsor the work of various creators to give them specific feedback from the Austin and Central Texas regional area.

Display your compiled footages on one of the highest rated access television facilities in the world, Austin Community Television. The Unlimited Access Variety show is a compilation of clips from many access producers and we are currently receiving tapes daily from around the world. We would be happy to view your tapes for possible addition. You will be sent a copy of the show when your footage is aired.

So what happens when my footage is selected?

1.Displayed On-Air Credits : Production Company Name, Show Name, Crew Names, Personal E-mail Address, Mailing Address and Access Center Name, if desired.

2.Additional Showing of Production (1 Hour Max)

3.VHS Copy of Unlimited Access Variety Show as well as your aired production

4.Web Credits (as specified above) and Pictures

Recommended footages include: Travel, Art, Culture, Music, Clubs and Talents. Please submit your completed 3/4 inch or NTSC VHS tapes to the following address and don't forget to include all necessary production credit information as listed above.

Unlimited Access Variety Productions P.O. Box 143237 Austin, Texas 78714-3237 If you require further assistance or have any questions, you may email the Producer Jay Wehrer or the Co-Producer Amy Wehrer at usafeedback@hotmail.com



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